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Welcome onboard!

I am Yoann, Little Boat’s captain.

With over 12 years of expertise in
marketing, data analytics, and ethical design, I'm committed to steering your impact-driven mission towards undeniable success.

Create & edit for you

Customer focused

Collaboration lead

Little Boat's mission

I'm here to navigate your journey toward making a meaningful impact. Through tailored market research, data-driven strategies, and ethical design solutions, we amplify your message in a way that resonates both visually and ethically.

My focus is on empowering organizations and businesses that are dedicated to fostering positive change. Whether you're an NGO, a non-profit, or a socially responsible business, Little Boat is committed to ensuring you not only do good but also look extraordinary while doing it.

Ready to embark on a voyage toward sustainable success? Let's get the conversation started on how Little Boat can elevate your brand and maximize your impact.


What we offer

Elevating Good: Consulting and Design for Impact-Driven Success

At Little Boat, we bring together data-driven strategies, experience, and world-class design to create holistic solutions. We’re more than just consultant and designer; we’re partners in making the world a better place. We proudly serve NGOs, non-profits, and socially responsible businesses. Here's how we can navigate your impactful journey:

Ethically-Driven Consulting

  • Market Research: Specialized focus on ethically-conscious markets, consumer behavior, and emerging sustainable trends.

  • Data Analysis & Reporting: Rigorous data analytics that not only focus on financial growth but also on measuring social impact.

Sustainable Design Solutions

  • Branding Solutions: Align your brand’s identity with its mission and values, all backed by market intelligence specific to ethical and sustainable ventures.

  • Digital and Print Media: Visually compelling, purposeful media creations designed to elevate your organization's message and cause.

Digital Strategy for Social Good

  • Web and Social Media Optimization: Develop digital platforms that resonate with the values of your target ethical audience, using A/B testing and consumer analytics.

Engage for Good

  • User Experience (UX) Design: User-centric designs that reflect your commitment to ethics and positive impact.

Specialized Services for Special Causes

  • Retail and Point-of-Sale Strategies for Non-profits: Optimizing each touchpoint to foster greater donor or consumer engagement, supported by data.

High-Impact Services

  • Data Visualization for Impact Measurement: Translate your social impact into easily digestible visuals.

  • Project Management for Good: From ideation to execution, ensuring that ethical and social objectives are met.


With Little Boat, you invest in a high-ethical, data-backed, and mission-aligned partnership. Together, let’s create meaningful change and navigate the course to a better, more sustainable world.

About design

Have you ever considered the impact of design on environmental awareness? Think about it. The infographic that breaks down complex climate data, the compelling visual story in a conservation campaign, or even the eco-friendly iconography on a product—all of these are examples of design at work.

Graphic Design isn't just an art form; it's a catalyst for change. By effectively marrying visual elements like color, typeface, and imagery, we can inspire action and promote understanding. A truly impactful Graphic Designer doesn't just capture attention, they direct it toward a cause that matters.

In the world of making a positive change, where conveying complex issues simply is crucial, great Graphic Design takes on an even more critical role.

What Our Clients Say

“Yoann helped me develop a unique branding that reflects my work, with simplicity, effectiveness and aesthetism. I will be selling my product with pride!”

Grace Mua,
Founder of Rongoa by Grace

Brigitte Sistig | Co-founder

Repair Café Aotearoa NZ (RCANZ)

"We feel very fortunate to be the first customer of a web designer with such knowledge, expertise and a style of elegance.

It is an absolute pleasure opening the website every time."

Get Ready to navigate to success with Little Boat today!

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