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Why Creating
Impact Matters

Hello. I'm Yoann Ledey, and I understand the importance of creating positive change through impactful communication. That's why I founded Little Boat, a consultancy that is more than just a business. Little Boat drives positive transformation where your vision aligns with impactful actions.

I believe that organisations should thrive while contributing to the greater good. I'm passionate about finding a balance between social needs and environmental necessities, and I believe that every strategy, communication, and analysis should serve a goal that resonates with our collective responsibility towards society and the planet.

At Little Boat, we are not just consultants but collaborators, guides, and amplifiers of voices committed to ethical, responsible, and sustainable practices. We understand the importance of making a difference that matters, and we're here to help you achieve your goals.


Join us in creating a better future for everyone.

Our Approach

Tailored Services for Non-Profits and Conscious Businesses

We are particularly dedicated to assisting NGOs, non-profits, and ethically-minded businesses in amplifying their impact:

  • Brand Strategy: Our services include defining your vision, mission, and values to build a compelling brand story that connects with your target audience.

  • Design and Messaging: We commit to principled design and messaging, ensuring every visual and textual component reflects your dedication to positive change.

  • Digital Marketing: By adopting cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, we guarantee that your message is delivered effectively, encouraging meaningful actions and active participation.

  • Impact Measurement: Our focus is on lasting success. We employ comprehensive impact measurement techniques to track and enhance the enduring effects of your initiatives.

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