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Why Creating Impact Matters

Hello, I'm Yoann Ledey, the one who steers Little Boat. My journey is not just a professional narrative in marketing, strategy, and communication; it's a testament to my passion for integrating data analysis with environmental awareness to create meaningful change. I envision Little Boat beyond consultancy but as a vessel for positive transformation, a platform where your vision aligns with impactful actions.

Why Little Boat? For me, it's about forging a path where businesses don't just thrive but also contribute to the greater good. It's about understanding the balance between industry needs and ethics. My ethos is rooted in a belief that every strategy, every communication, and every analysis should not only serve a business goal but also resonate with our collective responsibility towards society and the planet.

In founding Little Boat, I envisioned a place where like-minded clients and passionate professionals converge, driven by a shared purpose – to make a difference that matters. We're not here just to consult; we are here to collaborate, to guide, and to amplify voices that echo our commitment to ethical, responsible, and sustainable practices.

Our Approach

Tailored Services for Non-Profits and Conscious Businesses

We are particularly dedicated to assisting NGOs, non-profits, and ethically-minded businesses in heightening their impact:

  • Brand Strategy: Our services include defining your vision, mission, and values to build a compelling brand story that connects with your target audience.

  • Design and Messaging: We commit to principled design and messaging, ensuring every visual and textual component reflects your dedication to positive change.

  • Digital Marketing: By adopting cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, we guarantee that your message is delivered effectively, encouraging meaningful actions and active participation.

  • Impact Measurement: Our focus is on lasting success. We employ comprehensive impact measurement techniques to track and enhance the enduring effects of your initiatives.

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